Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bluedevil, bluetooth and PS3 mini keyboard

So, I gave in in the end and installed bluedevil. (sumut like sudo apt-get install bluedevil) It was 200MBs of valuable SD card space but it did the job.
I downloaded the instruction manual for my Sony PS3 mini keyboard. The device did allows for pairing with devices other than a PS3. I paired it with an iPad for practice. So I then tried with the RPi using bluedevil and it worked!. The keypad has a built in mouse too, its a little strange to use but kind of works. Was a little too fast. To make the keyboard go into pairing mode you have to hold the blue button and turn it on. Keep holding the button until two lights on the keyboard flash alternately. (as in the instructions)Then in bluedevil I set up a manual key 1234 and tried to pair with the keyboard. When it tries to pair type the key into the PS3 keyboard and press return. On the keyboard press the finder button to enter mouse mode and then move you fingers over the keys like a track pad. The left and right cursor buttons act as mouse buttons in this mode. I would not recommend it as a major keyboard but it may be useful for administering a system where its not convenient to have a full size keyboard. Also if you use bluetooth for some other peripherals you can attach a simple keyboard without using up an additional USB port.

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