Friday, 6 July 2012

Squeezed out (Replacing debian squeeze with debian wheezy beta)

I have run debian squeeze on PiOne for a while now. Its pretty messed up with all the experimental stuff install on it. So its time to go for Wheezy. I have to try and remember what I did. I upgraded firmware, added WiFi, got motion running with a PS3 web cam. I had omxplayer running full screen, 1080p with sound. This was in 16 bit frame buffer mode. I managed to install vnctight (I think thats what it was called) and could use a vnc client to connect to it. Was able to connect across the WiFi to a net disk. This may or may bot have been related to pyneighberhood. I could not get DNLA server running. Probably need to try raspbmc on a separate card for that. It may do airplay too. (If their web page ever reappears.) Installed chromium browser. Also installed the rpi-update, Xchat and Xpdf. OK I think thats a brain dump. Lets flash the card and do it all again.

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